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Aresi takes care of all related to your community, including the safety for any accident or loss.  We are supported by a great home and community insurance broker, capable of providing easy, simple and visual comparative contrasts that are able to improve the coverage and budget of community insurances.

Are these all the advantages? Of course not, internalizing claims management in the event of an accident means that the property is protected by personal treatment and shorter deadlines. In addition, we offer also all these improvements in other types of insurances such as: automobile, accidents, civil liability…etc . Contact us! We are always available for you.

Community insurance

According to the current policy, we offer alternatives from several companies in order to optimize the budget and coverage of community insurances by making visual and understandable comparisons.

But this is not everything! If you are pleased with your current insurance but you´d like us to deal the claim management, we can also help you by a personalized management option for you.

Home insurance

We are specialists in taking care of people’s living environment, we provide management services as well as the protection that your residence needs. If you have insurance services at the same company that manages your community, you will save yourself many troubles and paperwork. The proceeding is exactly the same as with community insurance ; we set out a visual and easy comparison and then we discuss it together.

Other insurances

Aresi has a competent insurance specialist partner, if you are looking for any type of insurance budget: automobiles, non-payment of rent, civil liability..etc Do not hesitate to contact us and we will make you a call as soon as possible to offer you the best solution.

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