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About us

Aresi belongs to a large European business group called CITY SERVICE. Our group is engaged in facility and property management, integrated utility services for more than 20 years.

In Spain, since very beginning of our activities we combine local and global experiences to make city and buildings more comfortable and better place to live.

Within few years our company became one of the biggest apartment buildings management company in the market. All buildings are managed by qualified administrators and in accordance with our established building maintenance standard.

Now we are working and rapidly growing in three big regions: Madrid, Alicante, Murcia. In these regions we are servicing private sector and our services covers areas such as administration of facility management processes, maintenance and technical and energy audits of buildings, property management and insurance brokerage services.

Activities of the company

Facility management

Administration of private residential buildings and other types of residential facilities.

Management of incidents and 7/24 building emergency care.

Management of insurance claims: insurance claim, supervision of the assessment, follow-up of cashing, etc.

Management of repair works and renovation, maintenance of engineering equipment and building structures.

Suppliers Management, contracting and supervision of provided services.

Apartment building financial management.

Legal advising services for owners of managed apartment buildings.

Real Estate Services

Property selling and buying service management.

Rental of housing and property service management.

Intensive search of reliable tenants.

Management of rental services.

Cleaning, maintenance and care of your property.

Legal services

Legal claims to delinquent owners.

Legal defence to the community.

Claims of illegal mortgage constitution expenses.

Areas of activity

Our Social Responsibility

Our Group companies, operating in five countries, keep their activities integrated with the idea of social responsibility, since it is integral to the Group’s mission; to create well-balanced living and working environments by providing comprehensive and innovative services. City Service Group implements social responsibility in market, employee relations, community and environmental protection areas.


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Aresi Group

Headquarters: C/Vicente Alexandre, 3, local 2
03010, Alicante (Alicante)

Telephone: 915 492 729


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